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Small Business Advice & Business Insurance

Becoming your own boss If you're planning on becoming your own boss, you no doubt already know that a business plan is essential and you've probably heard the expression "businesses don't plan to fail, they fail to plan". But what are the other considerations that are going to be just as important to your success?

Common questions to consider
Some questions you may wish to consider include:

What do I need to think about when starting a new business?
What is a small business financial plan?
Where should I go to seek advice?
Should I insure my business?
What are my obligations if I take on employees?
What about super for myself?
How do I make sure my business will continue without me?
What tax concessions apply if I choose to exit my business?

How we can help
We can

Advise on the financial planning aspects of your business plan.
Review, advise and organise the specialised insurances you need to protect your business and your employees.
Advise on the superannuation requirements for you and your employees.
Recommend superannuation funds or managing a DIY superannuation fund.
Explain your super obligations for staff.
Advise about investing your business profits.
Advise on succession planning for your business.
Advise on insurances specific to the business needs.

What to do next
If you want us to help you with planning your retirement contact us today.

Business Expenses Protection


Business Expenses Protection ensures the continuity of your business, providing you with a business to return to following a period of illness, or a business to sell as a going concern.
Running a successful business takes time, money and lots of hard work. So insuring your business should be at the top of your mind when you're thinking about what might happen if you were totally disabled and couldn't work.
If you're self-employed or in a small partnership, it's even more important to keep the business going, and therefore you need to not only insure your income but the fixed, regular expenses of the business, as well.
Business Expenses Protection provides protection specifically to meet the fixed costs of your business. Whether you're a doctor running your own practice, a tradesperson with an apprentice or you own a new growing business (which is still reliant on your income generating capacity), Business Expenses Protection should be a key component of your business risk strategy.

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